The floating feather



he saying goes ‘Honesty is best policy’. I have always liked the saying and it did worked miracles with me for being honest.

It is been quite some years now but i thought its worth sharing it at a time when ethics and individual values are at subtle degradation.

I dont know why but i am just one guy who loves to move around and not necessarily require any reasons to be around. I am just one funny guy who likes to loaf around when i have any free time. Thats why people can see me any where, often at places where there are brawls, accidents and any other unusual scenes.

Once it was already evening and visibility was almost nil and for some reason i was driving via Migmar Hotel. As i drove nearby something black in colour caught my eyes. I stopped my car and got out to see myself. To my amazement it was fat wallet filled up with dollars, Thai baht, Ngultrum and in total it was about Nu.15000.00. That was a lot of money but did not belong to me.

In those days i always listened to Kuzu FM and i just remembered that they not only played songs but in between they even made announcements. So i rushed to the Kuzu Fm station for them to announced the findings. I handed over the money.

The next day the owner of the wallet an official in DGPC called me up and thanked me. I was just happy that the money had reached to the right owner.

In another time i had to gone to Buddha point my favorite spot and to get the blessing of the Buddha. While i reached at the gate of the Buddha point i found a bag just left out on the parapet. I picked up and unzipped to see Nu.30000.00 and an expansive mobile phone.

I waited for almost one hour to see if anybody turned up looking for the bag. But non came. I checked the number of the phone that i found that the owner had dialed to someone. So i call up at the number and requested to inform the owner of the mobile that i have found a bag and a phone belonging to him.

Within few minutes the owner turned up. They were at wrong site looking for the bag. I handed over the bag containing the money and the phone and it belonged to one old Indian tourist. I found him so happy that he almost touched my feet in appreciation.

Later me and my family along my wife’s parents went on a pilgrimage to Bodh Gaya.

While reaching at Bodh Gaya, i left my group at the Bus station and i went to look for a room at Bhutanese temple. I hitch a rickshaw, and in hurry i had chose an old rickshaw puller. i felt quite sad and bad for the old man. But to compensate i had decided to pay the old man double the actual fare.

I requested the old man to wait for me near the gate, and i went to look for a room. i got the room and i had to pay the room charges in advance. But to my amazement, i could not find my bag and it contained our budget for our stay at Bodh Gaya. It gave me such a heart piercing fright and i was quite worried if i could find rickshaw and my money. For i remembered i had left my bag on the rickshaw.

I ran towards rickshaw, to find the old rickshaw puller fast asleep. The old rickshaw puller had kept my bag on his lap untouched.

I was so relief and happy, without any second thought i pulled out Nu.1000.00 and gave it to the old rickshaw puller. The old man was so startled that he could not believe his eyes. I saw him so happy so was I that both of us had made our day.

I have realized that your honesty never goes in waste. God sees.

Me and my friends were on our way for luncheon together today. Just before we arrive the eatery there were two sexy looking women walking almost in the middle of the road. And they would just walk so cooly moving their bulky bums in the most attractive manner.

I hooked at them to warn them that there is vehicle nearby and to say they look glamorous. To this my friend warn me and said that I would be fine a sum of Nu.500.00 for teasing women bystanders if law keepers were around.

I told him that would be better I would pay easily but what happens to me if I knock one of them for their carelessness.

Would anyone know what started HIV and AIDS? And where did these originated from?

I have always believed people at the west are the most civilized and most advance, yet i just wonder does it also mean that you start something unusual, something so ambitious and bold that you challenge nature and God.

First of all i think we should understand the main purpose of getting married is something very sacred that god created for continuation of human existence. It is about carrying one’s legacy by one’s kinsman and a history created that there once lived someone for the bearer to proudly say i am the descendent of this family. But when a man marries man, and woman to woman such originations and legacies are not only put at grave danger but it is a plug in for a complete stoppage and for an extinct..

Well, if you talk about adaptation, someone adopted and its bondage is not so strong as your own blood. But most adopters would miss out something that you only know deep inside that the child that you adopted is not your own produce will not only make you unhappy but there is a risk involve of behavioral syndromes at later stage when the child by chance knows that he is just adopted and not their own siblings. The adopted one will miss something of natural, either love of a mother or love of a father but mostly of one so unique and mother only has the capability, to rear a little unknown human for nine moths long, who can suckle mother’s milk. This will be missed out by adopted one

With it god created our body organs with different functions of its own.

You dont invent new functions and new usage. I cant remember did any religion talk of Homosexuality.

I am sorry i must mention here of something very insane, of one funny copulation of a human and a beast that i saw one in a movie long ago. It is one from the west again. I just wonder what kind of civilization are we talking about. And what kind of development.

I still write this for i am not convince, as much as they have right to marry of same gender so do i have my own rights that i disagree to agree of such developments.

I wish we could spend more time on refinements of human values, and about how love could be spread across the glove than something of this same gender union for i am afraid with such changes we might as well change of human values drastically.

How true it is that Guru Rimpochi said, it is not the change of time but the change of human behavioral.

The air of changed is so teeming i am afraid my beautiful country will not be spared. But the good news is, Bhutanese people cannot be influenced so easily we still have the capacity to choose the best. I am sure such marriages of same gender will not excite our people will still be unbelievable and little amusement to hear.

Its been just few days back that i met my long lost friend. Only to know he has been transfer far away from Thimphu.

We had a wonderful talk about our family and many more. I have always liked him being very honest and he is one guy who can tell you anything right at you. My friend told me why do i write all those by gone days rubbish stories, and added i should not put my esteem at low.

I was quite speechless and had no answer. After sometime i told him, i am not like someone who would always like to talk of goodies and hide all bad was never in me. And i told him, if you are not able to share the fact what is the meaning in living a life. Life isn’t all about pretensions and falsify, that many are getting so used to with superficial.

Life in Thimphu is dangerously getting down to the lowest standard, the value of good family and relationship is degrading. Its all about external now and people rarely bother about values.

I came across one good looking lady, she wont know me but i know her and her husband. She was in her most expansive SUV and a guy seated beside her. They are on joy ride and what do you expect of joy rides when it was already dusk and you drive to secluded place, you have one thing in your mind.

I just thought of the husband of this beautiful woman. He is a gentleman, but what use gentleman’s wife is being taken for a ride by someone. Sometimes, i think both husband and wife should be mindful of each other and cross check each others whereabouts. Or else being a gentleman and so nice, will cost you dearly.

Of course woman should be equally careful and watch the footsteps of her husband. The good relationship also includes all about being mindful of each others footsteps.

Value is all about living rightfully. Knowing your means and boundaries and being responsible. Always god fearing, know to respect parents and elders.

What use if you have missed all these, You might drive a most expansive SUV, have Iphones in your hand and dress latest branded cloths cannot really show what you are and what you have been.

At the end of the day, it has been always the people with character that has been listened most and you dont need to shout to be heard. Your character just glitters and attract people from the furthest automatically.

Since today is an auspicious day i went to make rounds at the National Memorial Chorten. I was so amazed to see such a big crowd had gathered there, especially the younger lots were more in numbers.
They were making rounds in groups, single and in pairs. But what ever, and if they knew to pray or if they did pray was immaterial. For now at their young age it is so imperative that they make a habit to make rounds, it could be they are just doing it as a morning walk or they want to have a good time with their partners is good enough.
Otherwise, they had the choice to sleep, go and play basket ball or foot ball, or even go for cycling, but they choose to make rounds on as auspicious day like today, and its Guru Rimpochi’s birthday.
Guru Rimpochi is revered so much in Bhutan, that even little children of four or five would recognized the portrait of Guru Rimpochi. In each Bhutanese houses there will be a statue of Guru Rimpochi. Guru Rimpochi is must in every Bhutanese life. He is everything for Bhutanese people.
National Memorial Chorten was built by Mayom Phuntsho Choden in memory of our beloved king Jigme Dorji wangchuk the father of modern Bhutan. I think it is so imperative that each one of us must remember and thank late Mayom and the late king for their selfless service to the people of Bhutan. And having built this wish fulfilling chorten which is not to be found in any other country.
How could we forget the architect late Dungsey Thrinley Norbu, and was consecrated by Guru Rimpochi himself the great Dedjum Rimpochi. Thats why the wish fulfilling chorten is a rare one.
Once one of my friends, a big shot had his daughter sick. He went to seek advice from Dungsey Rimpochi and asked Rimpochi what would be the best puja that could cure his daughter. In response, the great one said there was no need of performing any puja, instead my friend was asked to take his daughter to Memorial Chorten and to make her do rounds.
The next day, my friend’s daughter was miraculously better after making rounds at Memorial chorten.
I heard through reliable sources, that one of the very important personality was advice by Dunsey Rimpochi to always make rounds before he went for any works or meeting would be always fruitful. It was always true.
I have a friend who still makes round and have been making rounds for more than twenty years now. He told me that he had been blessed that he could see replica of this chorten in the sky early in the morning before the break of the dawn. Ever since his faith and devotion for this wish fulfilling chorten has just kept on increasing. He is retired but chorten has become his second home.
Thats why we must make rounds, especially young heart broken boys and girls must make rounds as much as possible that you will get back your lost love once again for now. Later you make rounds for other purpose, and beyond life in fact.

I can still remember how badly i was bashed , and the person is right near me who has a small business.

When i was in primary school, i also had my elder sister studying and there is no denial that my sister was one sweet looking brat. Even now she looks pretty in her own way.

In our primary school days, since my sister was pretty, every senior person that i knew would be so nice to me and they would call me khotken. I did not realize until now that the seniors have been eyeing on my pretty sister.

I also remember of a one gelong who would be so happy to call me khtoken. He would give me lots of different edibles, and i had an opportunity that i could borrow anything that belonged to this gelong.

I was in the mask dancing group and i needed some little ropes to bind the mask on my face since i did not have any. The gelong was so happy to lend me his little rope.

But after i finished mask dancing i had lost the little rope belonging to gelong. By than my pretty sister had dropped studying and had already gone home.

But this gelong started squeezing little life out of me. He wanted his rope but i had lost it. And my pretty sister was no more she had left the school. So i was no more khoten.

This gelong would come to our hostel every evening and he would call be to a secluded place. There he would mercilessly hit me with a strict. He would hit me on the opposite of my palm. That was really painful. Once, i am sure he hit me so hard that i lost one of my finger nails. I was bed ridden for sometime. I am sure this gelong bullied me for so many times. He hit me anywhere he willed and mostly he would hit me at my calves. That would be really painful.

That was the last beating that i remember and there after i cant remember anything.

Later, when i got my job and i had gone to see one of my friends. There i met this gelong, but by than he had become getey and was no more gelong. I regret that i should not have done this, but i am a human being still and i did that was quite funny.

As i met this gelong, i immediately recognized him but he could not and my friend introduce to the gelong. But he could not recollect who i was. I told him i am that little guy whom you beat mercilessly for having lost your little rope. I told him i even lost one of my finger nails of his severest beating on my fingers. I am sure the gelong remembered well now and i could see him getting blushed and feeling quite bad. I refused for any handsakes.

I told him what kind of gelong you were if you could bully little boy like me all for a little rope of yours that i lost. He was speechless and remain stunt.

I feel quite bad now and i regret that i should not have done this. But i have decided to meet him once again and ask for forgiveness for exhibiting unhealthy behavior of mine. I have decided to tell him that i was sorry for my crude behavior and i will make sure i shake hand with him and forget forever of the incident.

To err is human forgiveness divine.